Warrior Alpha DX Tyke Hockey Stick

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  • SABRE TAPER | Warrior's exclusive taper design that combines low kickresponse with a stable powerful release. This easy to load designprovides a quick release and more accurate shots.

  • TRUE 1 PHANTOM FEEL | Warrior's lightest and strongest true 1-piececonstruction to date. True 1 Phantom construction creates abalanced, lightweight stick and enhances how the stick feels duringplay giving you more control and response.

  • MINIMUS CARBON 1400 | High Strength, lightweight flat weavecarbon design. Alpha DX shaft is lighter and tougher than ever. Thematerial is more dynamic and elastic than anything we‚Äôve ever made,providing excellent feel for all parts of the game.

  • FUELCORE | A lightweight polymer blade core that enhances puckfeel and makes shots pop. Composite layering around the core isredesigned to be stronger and tougher. FuelCore reduces breakdownof materials in the blade and increases the durability.

  • ERGO SHAFT SHAPE | The ergonomic contour shaped shaft fitscomfortably and securely in your hands enhancing touch and feel forbetter deking, dragging, and shooting.

  • APEX GRIP TEXTURE | Textured zone coupled with tacky soft gripfinish locks easily in your hands for peak control and accuracy.