True Project X Junior Hockey Stick

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New For 2021, True is excited to bring players their lightest stick design to date, the Limited-Edition True Project X Grip Hockey Stick. Featuring industry-leading practices and crafted with some advanced technologies from the 2020 AX9, Project X is their lightest stick developed to date, offering effortless loading and quick release on impact.

Starting with the kickpoint, the True Project X Hockey Stick features an optimized low-kick profile located at the bottom third of the shaft. This design makes it easier for players to get maximum loading energy on their stick. The result is a lightning-quick, and explosive, release from anywhere on the ice.

Not only is the True Project X Hockey Stick their lightest stick to date, but it is also True’s strongest and most balanced stick to date as well. Using PLD, Precision Laminate Design, which emphasizes how fiber angles are optimized in up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single shaft, the Project X is designed to provide both stiffness and impact strength in every layer. This allows the Project X Stick to be strong while coming in at an amazing 355 grams in Senior. 

Moving to the blade of the True Project X Hockey Stick, True went with their BRT+ blade technology. For this newest iteration, they have improved on it even further than its predecessor. Braided tubes within the blade have been further extended into the heel, giving players superior feel and control of the puck, along with an added layer of durability.

Also included within the Project X is their patented Axenic Technology which combines a compression molded shaft into a true one-piece stick. This results in a seamless build, making contact with the puck feel much more natural.

If you are a player looking for an incredibly light, responsive, and durable stick, look no further than the True Project X Grip Hockey stick