Sher-wood Rekker EK365 Junior Hockey Stick

Sher-wood Rekker EK365 Junior Hockey Stick

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The new Sher-Wood Rekker family of sticks is the successful result of many years of development. Sher-wood has reengineered the key elements of the stick to provide a level of performance never seen before. The Sher-Wood Rekker EK365 is the new elite level stick, offering all of the most advanced technologies and features, all while being the lightest stick on the market. It is lighter, more responsive and reliable than ever before with new and improved materials, construction, and manufacturing process.

Blackline Carbon Fiber uses an 18k weave and Sher-Wood?s proprietary manufacturing process to create their most responsive, lightest, and reliable carbon fiber ever. The fibers are thinner than traditional carbon fibers which allow them to be lighter and respond quicker. Thinner fibers also allow for tighter weave layers, which store more energy and results in a faster recoil. With a thinner carbon fiber weave, more layers can be added to the stick. More layers make the stick more durable.

Sher-wood's new dropkick taper is the product of countless samples and a rigorous field testing process. The newly designed taper is more aggressive than ever, providing an extremely quick shot. The taper of the stick has been lowered by 10' to allow for more efficient loading and a quicker release. With the lower taper, less force is needed to engage the stick?s kick-point, letting the stick do all the work.

Flylte Technology incorporates three layers of internal 18k weave along with the external 18k weave layer. This manufacturing method creates an ultra-light structure that is also super durable. Flylyte Technology is a handmade manufacturing process technique that requires extreme detail and precision. Many sticks use unidirectional carbon fiber on the interior layers of the stick and use weave only on the exterior of the shaft as it provides an appealing finish. The additional layers of 18k weave provide more durability and responsiveness, while remaining as light as unidirectional carbon fibers of the same thickness.

Taking the tech industry by storm, Graphene is a nano-material 200 times stronger than steel. It's the most impact resistant material ever used in a hockey stick. Graphene is a versatile and flexible material yet super lightweight. With its unique properties, it is perfect for a hockey stick. Sher-Wood has infused graphene in the key breakage areas of the stick to make it more durable and incredibly lightweight.

The VRF 2 blade provides players with incredible response and a vibration free blade. To improve the stick's overall balance, the blade is covered with layers of Blackline carbon fiber. To prevent premature disintegration proprietary high performance foam is integrated into the blade. A rigid carbon fiber bridge is inserted lengthwise into the blade to make it stiffer and minimize the effects of long term stress caused from constant contact. Sher-Wood's Spear Shaft Technology puts a true meaning to the word one-piece stick. This shaft runs through the heel of the blade to provide a better puck feel and more consistent flex profile.

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