Sherwood Code V Junior Hockey Stick

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The CODE V is an elite-level stick that is the culmination of years of design and engineering. Created for the ultimate playmaker, the CODE V is best described as a lightweight and balanced stick that provides a combination of speed and power behind every shot. Featuring a 25K weave throughout the stick and weighing in at 290 grams, the new Feather Lite XT technology removes weight without compromising the strength or durability. Infused with Graphene - a material that is 200x stronger than steel, this promises to be one the most durable sticks on the market. In terms of playability and feel, the CODE V stick provides more shot power through its unique Target Lock Taper. It features a hybrid kickpoint that is extremely versatile and caters to all shooting styles while the newly designed E2-17 shaft geometry which gently locks the hands into position for amazing feel and control.



  • Target Lock Taper - A hybrid low/mid kick point allowing the shaft to take a greater load and release with more velocity and power
  • E2-17- Enhanced Edge - Rounded corners of the enhanced edge shaft create a precise feel in the players hands. The concave walls of the shaft allow the players fingers to lock into position
  • VRF4 Blade - This thinner, lighter, blade profile incorporates advanced foams for amazing feel and durability
  • Blackline XXV Carbon Fibre - The proprietary weave uses unique manufacturing methods to create our lightest and most responsive carbon fiber ever, allowing you to feel the puck like never before
  • Featherlite XT- The lightweight carbon fiber layup uses a handmade manufacturing technique that improves balance and durability despite its super-light weight
  • Resinjection System - Proprietary process to create the thinnest, lightest and strongest combination of carbon fiber filaments and resin
  • Graphene Infused - Graphene is a nano-material, 200 times stronger than steel. It‚Äôs the most impact resistant material ever used in a sherwood hockey stick


  • Length:52", 48"
  • Weight:
  • Age Group: JUNIOR
  • Finish: Textured Grip
  • Kick Point: MID/LOW HYBRID
  • Curve Options: PP26, PP28, PP88
  • Flex Options: 45, 35