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Sher-wood Rekker M90 Senior Hockey Stick

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The new Sherwood Rekker M90 stick gives elite level players the edge they need for late game heroics and huge stats. An amazing combination of ultra light weight and exceptional feel mixed with extreme durability sets the M90 apart from others.


    • BlackLine XXV Carbon fiber weave
    • FLYLYTE II Technology
    • VRF 4 Blade construction
    • DropKick Taper shaft
    • Graphene infused for unmatched durability
    • Spear Shaft Construction


    • Length: 60"
    • Weight: 380 g
    • Age Group: SR
    • Finish: Textured grip
    • Kick Point: Low
    • Curve Options: PP26,PP88,PP28,PP05,PP92,PP77
    • Flex Options: 95,85,75,65