Dom Ring-Jet Rocket Hybrid 55" Ringette Stick

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  • 55‚Ä≥stick ‚Äî a wood Ring Jet ‚Ķ with replaceable tip?!? ¬† ¬†Believe it!!
  • A longer 2 3/4‚Ä≥ patented tip enhances pick up and control of ring. Shooting speed is further enhanced.
  • Two part, twin channel design, married to a ¬†hi-tech composite tip, put Rocket hybrid in a class all its own!
  • Hard wood used on outer shell running full length of shaft. This unique combination provides wicked flex, which translates to harder and faster shooting.
  • Outer hard wood shell takes more punishment from opposing sticks.
  • Provides a significant increase in speed and power over the 500 and 700 models.
  • Full-ribbed tip ‚Äî high density engineered co-polymer maintains tip integrity. Keeps its full shape longer.