Dom Ring-Jet Rocket Slimline 50" Ringette Stick

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  • 50‚Ä≥ stick ‚Äî Slimline has great flex, and great durability.
  • Designed specifically to feel more comfortable in smaller hands.¬† The slimmer 27.3 mm x 18 mm profile improves on-ice performance.
  • Two part wood construction, twin channels make Rocket Slimline an ideal stick for Shooters!
  • Hard wood used on outer shell running full length of shaft.¬† This unique combination provides wicked flex, which translates to harder and faster shooting.¬† Outer wood shell takes more punishment from opposing sticks.
  • Full-ribbed tip ‚Äì high density engineered co-polymer maintains tip integrity.¬† Keeps its full shape longer.
  • Tips secured by 1/4‚Ä≥ dowel, fiberglass wrapped and epoxied, ensuring tip will never fall out.