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CCM Super Tacks AS1 Youth Hockey Pant

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The CCM Super Tacks AS1 Youth Ice Hockey Pants offer high-level protection, comfort, and fit to the competitive young hockey player. D30 Smart Foam reinforces an area highly prone to taking a spill on the ice, the tailbone. While maintaining a flexible form in its natural state, D30 reacts quickly to impact energy and hardens to absorb that energy taken on from hockey-related impacts.


The tailbone guard also has soft foam for cushion and plastic inserts for further reinforcement. Other key impact areas like the kidneys, hips, and thighs receive thick, hard plastic for incredible protection. The floating spine guard keeps the protection where it needs to be in order to consistently cover the lower spine in all situations.


The Super Tacks AS1's feature an internal stretchable belt that helps obtain a proper fit while making it a lot easier for the youngster to get in and out. They stay secure and snug around the waist with the traditional skate lace tie up and adjustable nylon belt. A highlight feature the AS1's provide is the 1" extension system, which allows the pants to drop down 1" and be used longer for quickly growing players.