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CCM Quciklite Junior Hockey Shoulder Pad

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An evolution of the successful CCM RBZ protective line, the new CCM Quicklite line was designed to keep the same fit and amazing lightweight feel of the RBZ family while taking it to the next level. This line introduces Ventshield technology which helps improve breathability. New design improvements have been added to the line such as a new shell for shin guards, new fit in the pants and a new elbow construction.

Ventshield technology is an engineered plastic that allows for breathability and optimized weight. DryFoam technology is closed cell foam that helps absorb less sweat allowing the shoulder pads to remain lightweight and comfortable throughout the game. The Quicklite shoulder pads still feature Ufoam construction for the shoulder caps. The torso portion is made of a premier Zotefoam® base for improved breathability and lightweight feel.