CCM JetSpeed FT1 Senior Hockey Shoulder Pads

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The CCM Jetspeed FT1 Senior Shoulder Pads were developed to be extremely lightweight and offer excellent freedom of movement with a sleek look and feel. You will be covered at every angle with features like premier zotefoam in the torso and floating HD molded foam in the clavicle - a key impact area.


  • Construction - Amplified Mobility Design with Molded Zotefoam®: Superior freedom of movement and closed cell foam that absorbs less moisture to keep the player dry and light on their skates.
  • Caps - UFOAM Construction: Lightweight EPP pro level protection.
  • Torso - Premier Zotefoam® Protection Layer with Removable Protection Pad: Pro level protection and lightweight feel.
  • Biceps - High Density Molded Foam with Length Adjustment: Light and comfortable custom fit with professional level protection.
  • Sternum/Spine - Anatomical Molded Rocketframe Composite Shells and Neck Comfort Pad: Adaptable fit and professional level of protection.
  • Liner - Dryfoam Technology with Soft Laminated Water Repellent Lining: Comfortable liner that absorbs less moisture to keep the player dry and the shoulder pads lightweight.
  • Clavicle - Floating HD Molded Foam Clavicle Coverage: Pro level protection in key impact area.