CCM Jetspeed FT1 Youth Elbow Pads

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The CCM FT1 Youth Elbow was developed to be extremely lightweight and improve on its predecessor, the CCM QuickLite line. The new construction focuses on freedom of movement with increased protection.

When looking closer at the protection, the Jetspeed FT1 features a 3 Piece Design with Dry Foam Liner. Having 3 separate pieces attached in unison to your arm creates a level of mobility unseen in the past. Also the closed cell foam absorbs less sweat, keeping the user dry and the product lightweight.

The Bicep is made from a molded RocketFrame Composite Shell. This armour like material gives you the pro level protection you so desperately need. As well a new arched strap has been added to the bicep. This keeps the pad closer to the body without restricting movement.

The Forearm protection offers molded HD / Zotefoam with extended coverage.

The improved strapping system features an Anatomical Neoprene middle strap along with a Nylon forearm strap. These straps combined with the Bicep strap, create a locked in fit to your body.

Overall, the CCM FT1 is the perfect combination of maximum protection with the least weight possible. Loaded with features, this Elbow is worth all the hype it is getting at the professional level, and is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an extra advantage or improved fit.