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CCM Jetspeed FT1 Junior Elbow Pads

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Experience extremely lightweight performance and excellent freedom of movement with the CCM Jetspeed FT1 Senior Elbow Pads. The JDP Cap redirects impact around the joint so you can get back on your skates and keep moving down the ice.



  • Construction - 3 Piece Design with Dry Foam Liner: Great mobility with closed cell foam absorbs less sweat to keep you dry and the product lightweight.
  • Forearm - Molded HD / Zotefoam® With Extended Coverage: Pro level lightweight protection.
  • Elbow Cap - Molded PE Cap With JDP Design: JDP cap redirects the impact around the joint for high level protection.
  • Bicep - Molded Rocketframe Composite Shell + New Arched Strap: Lightweight pro level protection and new arched strap keeps pad closer to the body without compromising freedom of movement.
  • Attachment - Anatomical Neoprene Middle Strap + Nylon Forearm Strap: Allows the elbow pad to stay closer to the body.