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The Adjustick Adjustable Hockey Stick Composite End Plug is one of the best hockey stick extension end plugs on the market today. Adjustable and strong, the Adjustick knob will extend the life span of the entire family's hockey sticks. Adjustick is easy to install and remove, in addition to being very strong.

The benefits are many of going with an adjustable knob, but a few stand out for various reasons. For youth and parents buying their children sticks, a growth spurt doesn't mean a new stick or buying several wood plugs along the way: just extend as you go for the perfect height! For adults, it allows you to adjust the height and play around with various stick heights to find the ideal fit. If you break or buy a new twig, you can also just move it to a new stick without having to cut or buy another plug. 

  • Adjustable from .5" to 4" in length.
  • Allows junior players to keep the perfect stick height as they grow.
  • Made of premium composite.
  • Both lightweight and strong.¬†
  • Easy to adjust and install.
  • Just heat up the glue and install like a regular wood hockey stick plug.
  • Three sizes available:
    • Junior
    • Intermediate/Senior