An Interview With Trainer Kevin Kerto

By Will Christofilos

Weights clanking, sneakers squeaking, Drake and Future on the speakers, these are many of the things you'll hear when you are in Kevin Kerto’s gym. Amongst the noise, there is one thing that you’ll never hear within the confines of the Lion’s Den. “Negativity isn't allowed here, there is no ‘I can’t’, our words are spells and we have to use them to uplift ourselves,” said Kerto. 

“I’m a very positive person, once you enter my ecosystem that means I believe in you on and off the ice.”

Hockey players around the world all share the same dream, to one day play this game for a living. Kerto, like most trainers, works to develop his players' game on the ice but unlike most he believes the process of becoming great starts off of it. “When you’re in the gym you are surrounding yourself with other people that want to become great and that’s huge, the environment is so important,” said Kerto. “Whether you’re pushing 20 or 100 pounds as long as you are working hard and believing in yourself it will go a long way.”

Since Kerto began his training journey in 2011, he has accumulated a star-studded clientele that includes top players from the AHL/NCAA/OUA/OHL/OJHL and is highlighted by Columbus Blue Jacket 2018 1st rounder Liam Foudy and Boston College alum Jack McBain, who recently debuted for the Arizona Coyotes. 

Kerto is currently training out of Lion’s Den at 9821 Leslie St Unit 107 in Richmond Hill, Ontario. 

You can contact him through the links below. 


Kerto Training

Kerto Apparel

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