Warrior Covert QRE Fantom Senior Hockey Stick

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he future of hockey sticks is here. Introducing the Warrior Fantom QRE - one of the lightest hockey sticks ever made. The new, ultra-lightweight Enigma Carbon 25k material makes every move you make faster. Quicker releases on passes and wrist shots, and faster swing speeds provide more power on snap shots and slap shots. Experience a brand new level of elite with Fantom QRE.


  • Edge Taper Technology: Angular edge taper drives flex energy through the hosel that magnifies power. This unique geometry improves response while improving stability and durability.
  • Enigma Carbon 25k Material: The new 25k flat weave Enigma Carbon is Warrior’s lightest and most dynamic ever. This ultra-light carbon makes every move faster with enhanced durability and a longer pop life!
  • True 1 Shadow Feel: Warrior's lightest and strongest true 1-piece construction to date. True 1 Shadow construction creates unprecedented balance while enhancing overall feel, control and response.


  • Weight: 360 grams (Senior)
  • 90 Day Extended Warranty