CCM JetSpeed FT370 Senior Shoulder Pads

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Whether a goal scorer, playmaker, or fourth line grinder, the CCM Jetspeed FT370 Senior Shoulder Pads will give you the confidence to make the play. Vented PE foam front base in the torso offers great protection while still providing a breathable, lightweight feel.



  • Construction - Dual Layer Front Constrcution with PE Foams: Good mobility and lightweight feel.
  • Caps - Molded Low Profile PE Caps: High level protection.
  • Torso - Vented PE Foam Front Base: Great protection and lightweight feel.
  • Biceps - PE Molded Cap with Length Adjustment: Comfortable custom fit with professional level protection.
  • Sternum/Spine - Anatomical Molded PE Sternum and Spine: Maximum protection.
  • Clavicle - Floating Clavicle Coverage: Increased protection in key impact area.