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Bauer Vapor 2x Pro Junior Elbow Pads

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Bauer’s latest high end elbow pad is a three-piece construction featuring HYPERLITE and THERMO MAX+ technology, making this elbow pad extremely lightweight, durable, and moisture wicking. You will stay dry and have full arm mobility while on the ice.

The three piece construction allows for full arm mobility, and ensures all key areas are fully protected with Bauer’s HYPERLITE HD Foam. 

Bicep & Forearm Protection
Bauer has used it’s HYPERLITE HD Foam along with its CURV composite insert for the bicep and forearm protection on the Vapor 2X Pro elbow pad. These lightweight paddings are ideal for full protection without sacrificing any mobility.

Elbow Cap
The 2X Pro elbow pads have Bauer’s new anatomically molded 3-piece cap with molded HYPERLITE foam cap covers. These increase mobility while locking your elbow in place ensuring that you will feel confident you’re fully protected from impacts.

Strapping System
The DYNAFLEX lock strapping system on the 2X Pro elbows ensures a secure and snug fit while also preventing rotation or sliding. You can find the perfect tightness without having to worry about the strap coming undone or digging into your arm mid ice time.

Bauer’s THERMO CORE liner helps to regulate temperature and wick away moisture keeping you dry during your ice time. 


The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Senior Hockey Elbow Pads are available in three sizes; Small, Medium and Large.