Bauer Total One NXG Junior Hockey Girdle Pant

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The Bauer TotalOne NXG pant is the top-of-the-line, pro-level model of Bauer's 2013 Supreme pant line. The TotalOne NXG pant offers, like other Supreme protective products, an anatomical fit for a natural feel. Don't mistake comfort for lack of protection with this pad though. If you glance at our Tech Description, you will see all of the technology Bauer entered into the TotalOne NXG pant to keep you or your player safe! Also, this model offers a completely customizable pant system. The new, patented 2-piece construction combines a highly adjustable core technology with another protective, interchangeable shell. This is great if you are playing for multiple teams throughout the year! It is especially great if you aren't a fan of girdles, which was one thing that Bauer kept in mind while engineering this product