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Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Junior Shoulder Pad

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The new Bauer Supreme UltraSonic SR Hockey Shoulder Pads have been designed and engineered for the elite player who wants a full coverage protection to be confident playing in traffic, without compromising their ability to be fast. The key elements this year defining the new UltraSonic shoulder pad are the new AMP shoulder cap, ADAPTIV Skin Sternum, and the extended rib wrap.

Shoulder Caps & Protection

The UltraSonic shoulder offers the new AMP shoulder cap with Vent Armour Foam. Bauer has specifically designed the Active Motion Protection(AMP) technology to allow the shoulder cap to move with you. The Vent Armour Foam offers elite level protection, without sacrificing any mobility.

Sternum Protection

The new ADAPTIV Skin Sternum is low profile and provides protection that morphs to your body shape. The Ultrasonic also features a sternum front panel that floats over top of the ADAPTIV Skin. This technology allows you to move freely with the shoulder pad, while still having the protection you require.

Spine Protection

The spine protection on Ultrasonic consists of Bauer’s Vented Armour Foam. This is a full coverage molded vest that extends around to the ribs limiting any unprotected areas on the upper body.

Bicep Protection

The UltraSonic shoulder pad features an adjustable split bicep. The AMP technology design within the bicep pieces has no restriction in movement and allows you to have a full range of motion on the ice.


The UltraSonic features Bauer’s ThermoCore liner. This liner is infused with an antimicrobial, anti-odor, and sweat management system. This helps regulate the body's temperature and will also dry quickly before your next ice time.

Abdominal Protection Piece

The extended abdominal protection piece is removable, giving you the option to leave it on for full coverage, or removing it if there’s any interference with the pants.


The Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Senior Hockey Shoulder Pads are available in Medium, Large, and Extra Large. If you are looking for a smaller size, check out the intermediate UltraSonic shoulder pads.


Elite/Pro Inspired


S, M

Intermediate 1058491

[M, L]

Key Upgrades

AMP Shoulder Cap, ADAPTIV Skin Sternum, extented rib wrap.

SP Cap

new AMP shoulder cap with VENT ARMOR FOAM and split cap bicep


ADAPTIV Skin Sternum

Front Panel

Full coverage molded vest with floating sternum



Back panel

full coverage molded vest with extended rib wrap


Molded with PE insert


Adjustable AMP Split bicep