Bauer Supreme 2S Senior Elbow Pads

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With AMP technology inside the elbow pad’s split cap design, you’ll get full arm mobility with the Bauer Supreme 2S Senior Elbow Pads. IX Foam protection and IX Foam pods in the elbow donut create an efficient range of motion without any sacrifice in protection.



  • CAP: AMP molded split cap
  • Bicep: Floating construction with HD foam and PE insert
  • Forearm: Anatomically molded PE protection
  • Y Shape comfort strap
  • Liner: Full comfort liner with IX foam
  • Lining: Thermo Max+ - keeps you cool, dry and comfortable.


  • Liner Material: Thermo Max+
  • Protective Padding: CAP: AMP molded split cap
  • Size Options: S,M,L,XL
  • Strapping System: Y Shape comfort strap