Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Hockey Girdle

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New for 2019, the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Hockey Girdle features some of Bauer’s best technology; Curv Composite, THERMO CORE and Poron XRD. Designed to be customizable through adjustments, the 2S Girdle is a dream for players looking for freedom and protection.

Spine Protection
The Bauer 2S Pro Senior Girdle’s spine is constructed with Curv Composite technology, independently moving from the rest of the girdle.

Hip & Kidney Protection
The Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Girdle hips are built with segmented lightweight foam, designed to protect you from collisions, sticks and pucks. The kidney protection features molded HD foams.

Tailbone Protection
The tailbone piece on the 2S Pro Girdle feature Poron XRD technology, which protects your tailbone and backside during your most embarrassing moments.

Thigh Guard Protection
The thigh guard on the 2S Girdle is an adjustable piece with Hyperlite HD foam.

The Bauer 2S Pro Girdle features a Thermo Core liner, which keeps you dry and ready to fly.

Waist Closure
The Bauer 2S Girdle has a hook and loop closure system for cinching the waist of the girdle.

Athletic Supporter
No athletic supporter is provided with the 2S Girdle.


The Bauer 2S Senior Pro Girdle comes in sizes Small-Extra Large.