Rep Richmond Hill Jaguars 2024/2025


      Required Items:

      Individuals' previously issued Jaguars pant shells/pants, Hockey Bag, Unrivalled jacket /Peacoat jacket can be reused unless the items are non-fittings/worn-out/dirty. If any of these items are needed it will be at the expense of the player.

      • Custom McKenney Jaguar Pant Shell or Pant (U10-U18)

      • Custom Jaguar Player/Goalie Bag (U10-U18)

      • True Jaguar Unrivalled Jacket (U10-U15) Jaguar Peacoat (U18)

      Mandatory Items:

      Every player must order each item listed below for the 2024-25 season. This will be included in your team budget and paid for on behalf of the team. 

      • Jaguar Peacoat (U16)

      • Warrior Jaguar Tracksuit Jacket (U10-U15)

      • Warrior Jaguar Tracksuit Pant (U10-U15)

      • ATC Jaguar Short Sleeve Tee (U10-U16)

      • True Jaguar Apex 2.0 Shorts (U10-U16)

      • Champion Jaguar Hoodie of team choice (U10-U16)

      • Jaguar Toque of team choice (U10-U16)


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